Electric Concept of Volkswagen

Electric Concept of Volkswagen. Volkswagen is ready to launch a series of electric vehicles in the next few years. But it's not just about embracing the core brand of battery power. Other brands are also under their huge umbrella, and one of them will present this rather amazing concept at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show later this month. 

Fans of popular fans in Europe know that the name Cupra has been decorated with some of the fastest hatchbacks and driverless cars, but it has recently been split into its own sub brand. This is the first attempt at road electric vehicles.
Named after a picturesque village in the Pyrenees mountains on the Spanish French border, tavascan takes the form of a crossover coupe with aggressive design, liquid metallic paint, carbon fiber and copper hues, as well as a properly conceptualized 22 inch turbo alloy.
It looks like the steroids (or speed) on Tesla, even if the power train isn't as powerful as Musk's best. The Cupra tavascan consists of a pair of electric motors that provide 302 horsepower to propel the vehicle to 62 mph in 6.5 seconds.
Wayne Griffiths, Cupra's CEO, cites the brand's experience in the Formentor hybrid concept and Cupra e-racer as the foundation for concept development.

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